System V Ceiling Mounts

System V is a collection of mounting components designed around the use of ø38mm poles to install dome cameras and flat screens from the ceiling. Components include a ceiling mount, poles; available in two lengths that can also be joined using an external pole joiner, a collar for attaching screen mounts, camera mounting plates for small and large dome cameras and a 1.5" threaded adaptor for equipment that conforms to the NPT standard. Also included is an adaptor to use ceiling mounts from B-Tech's System 2 range, allowing CCTV installs using specialist mounts for I-Beams, Purlins and Truss systems.

The component range allows installers to tailor a solution specific to the needs of any project by creating a custom solution out of a range of stocked components. Alternatively, we have created a range of complete kits to cover some of the most popular requirements making it quick and straightforward to choose and order an ideal solution.

Complete Mounting Solutions

Complete mounting solutions from the System V range

Individual Components

Components from the System V range of mounting solutions