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The B-Tech range of high quality interconnect cables and controls has been designed to suppress RF and EM interference and to ensure a clear signal path is maintained. High quality durable moulded or metal plugs with 24K gold plated connectors are used for the best possible connection and where appropriate special locking clips have been included to prevent cables falling out of sockets. The outer braided nylon jacket provides strong protection and increased cut resistance to the inner cable, making these interconnects ideal for the Professional Installer and Home Cinema enthusiast alike.


5m Ventry
High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet

High speed HDMI® cable suitablefor full HD 1080p


System X™ Cable Management Clip

Designed to keep cables organised for a neat and tidy installation


2-Way Speaker Selector Switch

Designed to allow the use of two pairs of speakers with one amplifier


Premium 4 - Way Speaker Selector Switch

Designed to allow the use of 4 pairs of speakers with 1 amplifier


3-Way Audio Video Input Control

Designed to connect up to three audio video devices to two outputs such asa TV and HI-FI


Phono / Microphone Pre-Amplifier

Designed for use with any amplifier without a phono aux input


Stereo Headphone Amplifier

Designed for use as a stand-alone unitfor personal listening