System X™ Column Mounting Plate


Fit mounting rails onto columns


Designed to fit BT8390 rails to BT8380 columns, the BT8380-JPR is a joining plate that allows a rail to be reversed mounted onto a column, ideal for when installation of additional AV accessories require the use of the channels on the rail. Installation is simple using the provided sliding nuts, allowing the mounted rail to be positioned anywhere on the column. The BT8380-JPR can also mount a BT8390 rail in a standard front facing position or can be reversed, depending on the type of install.



  • Used for a variety of fixed, freestanding or mobile installations
  • Sliding nuts allow rails and columns to be positioned as required
  • Also suitable for mounting BT8392 rails
  • BT8390 rail can be fixed in a standard or reversed position
  • Connects BT8390 mounting rails to BT8380 vertical columns
  • Can be placed at any height on the column, and anywhere along the rail
  • Steel thickness: 4mm (0.15")
  • Brackets supplied per pack: 1
  • Colour: Black

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)

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