Ø50mm Poles



0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m & 3m


Designed for ceiling, floor or floor-to-ceiling installations, the BT7850 is designed to combine with many B-Tech ranges to provide a solution where wall mounting is not preferable or possible. The poles are available in 0.5m, 1m , 1.5m, 2m and 3m lengths which can also be cut to length if required and feature safety bolt holes top and bottom for a secure installation. The BT7850 is internally unobstructed for cables to pass through easily, and poles can be linked together using BT7823 and BT7824 pole joiners. Also supplied with finishing ring for a neat install.


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  BT7850 - 50mm Diameter Poles
  • 1.6mm thick steel pole can support large loads
  • Poles can be cut to length if required
  • Poles are internally unobstructed for cables to pass through easily
  • Features safety bolt holes at top and bottom for secure installation
  • Steel thickness: 1.6mm (0.06")
  • Max load: 140kg (308.6lbs)
  • Pole diameter: Ø50mm (2")
  • Lengths available: 0.5m* (19.7"), 1m (39.4"), 1.5m (59"), 2m (78.75")*,
    3m (118.1")*
  • Colour: Black, Chrome or White*

    *Please note 2m & 3m models are not available in White
BT7850 - 50mm Diameter Pole - Black BT7850 - 50mm Diameter Pole - Chrome BT7850 - 50mm Diameter Pole - White BT7850 - Pole comse in a variety of lengths

Specification Sheets

Specification Sheets (PDF)

Specification Sheet - US (PDF)

产品规格书 — 中文(PDF)


Installation Guide

BT7850-050 Installation Guide (PDF)

BT7850-100 Installation Guide (PDF)

BT7850-150 Installation Guide (PDF)

BT7850-200 Installation Guide (PDF)

BT7850-300 Installation Guide (PDF)


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing 0.5m (PDF) 

Technical Drawing 1m (PDF) 

Technical Drawing 1.5m (PDF) 

Technical Drawing 2m (PDF)

Technical Drawing 3m (PDF)

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