Internal Pole Joiner


For Ø50mm Poles


The BT7823 is an internal joining kit for Ø50mm poles which is designed to extend the drop of System 2 installations. The joiner is made from a single piece of 4mm thick heavy duty steel, which easily bolts to the inside of the poles to create a rigid, seamless join whilst still allowing cables to pass through unimpeded.


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BT7823 - Internal Ø50mm Pole Joiner


  • Allows a rigid join of 2x Ø50mm Poles
  • Heavy duty steel supports substantial loads with minimal movement
  • Hidden from view once installed for a seamless pole join
  • Allows cables to pass through the poles and joiner
  • One-piece design for a quick install
  • Steel Thickness: 4mm (0.16")
  • Dimensions: 30mm (1.2") x 200mm (7.9") x 40.6mm (1.6")
BT7823 - Internal Ø50mm Pole Joiner BT7823 - Internal Ø50mm Pole Joiner with BT7850 BT7823 - Create a seamless pole join BT7823 - On chrome pole

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)


Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing (PDF)

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