Floor Base Cover Plate


For use with B-Tech Floor Bases


The BT4002-SCC cover plate is designed to hide unused fixing holes and handles on the BT4001 and BT4002 floor bases. A specific cover plate is available for each variation of floor base from single pole / column to twin pole / column stands. Choose the correct cover plate for your floor base according to the installation requirement.



  BT4002-SCC - Single Column Cover Plate
  • Designed to hide unused fixing holes and handles
  • For use with BT4116 and BT4118 poles or BT8381 vertical support columns
  • BT4002-SCC is for use when installing a single column to a base
  • Designed for use with B-Tech's BT4001 or BT4002 bases
  • Supplied with double sided adhesive tape to fix the coverplates

    *Please note BT4000 floor base is suitable for fitting a single pole only.
  • Material depth: 1mm (0.4")
  • Dimensions W: 510mm (20") D: 233.5mm (9.2")
BT4002-SCC -Designed to hide unused fixings and grab handles for a clean finish BT4002-SCC - For use with a single BT8381 Column BT4002-SCC - Supplied self adhesive strips to secure the the plate to the floor base

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet (PDF)


Installation Guide

Installation Guide (PDF)


Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing (PDF)

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